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Temat: Tech N9ne - Absolute Power [2002]

Track List

01 Into
02 Industry Is Punks
03 Here Comes Tecca Nina
04 I'ma Tell
05 Slacker
06 Keep On, Keepin' On [feat. Big Krizz Kaliko]
07 Gunz Will Bust [feat. Money Hungry, Mr. Stinky, and Skatterman & Snug Brim ]
08 Biancas & Beatrices [feat. Kutt Calhoun]
10 Slither
12 Trapped In A Psychos Body [feat. Laticia Naler]
13 T9X
14 She Devil [feat. D12]
15 Worst Enemy
17 Absolute Power
18 Yada Yada Yada
19 Constantly Dirty [feat. 57th Street Rogue Dog Villains]
20 I'm A Playa [feat. Big Krizz Kaliko]
21 The Grench

Bonus CD
01 Victory
02 Freaky Lil Things [feat. Grant Rice and Kutt Calhoun]
03 Hydro [feat. Big Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun & Greed]
04 Runaway [feat. Erica Hugunin]
05 Shocked [feat. Kutt Calhoun & Big Krizz Kaliko]
06 Grench [feat. Big Krizz Kaliko & Boy Big]
07 Walk With A Limp [feat. Kutt Kalhoun & Big Krizz Kaliko]

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Temat: ma ktos moze dzialajacego cheata?? odpiszcie plz
jak ci hacki nie dzialaja to nie uzywa sie bypassow zeby ominac gg bo to i tak nic nie da, trzeba sciagnac nowego hacka lub opcjonalnie nowego injectora lub plik nowy .msc

EDIT: zamieszczam nowego hacka na rapidzie

Hey guys this is just a small simple system, but it has basically all you need. Chat filter is removed, world items spawn faster, Meds/World Item hp/ap gives you full hp/ap, bullet kits gives you full ammo(only if your in quest by yourself[if your with other players it will appear you are shooting but your really not]) and Quest Godmode.. Have fun and Happy Hacking. Plus press thank you button or +Rep me, if you like it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Use: 1. Go into your Gunz folder and back up your original GunzLauncher. 2. Extract my system.mrs, The non-updating Launcher, and the GunzLauncher.ini to your gunz folder. 3. Start Gunz from the ijji website. hack by arkansasbudz

Jak czegos nie rozumiecie to mowcie a postaram sie to przetlumaczyc


Temat: Perfekcyjnie pojechana zwrotka
" />Bizzy Bone w Battlezone, Look Into My Eyes i Thug Luv

Andre 3000 w Skew It On the Bar-B

Mos Def w Definition i Children's Story

Lil' Fame w Who Got Gunz Gangstarrów

Chali 2na w After School Special i I Am Somebody (+ ktoś już tu wyżej wspomniał Don't Stop) (a, no i jeszcze zwrotka w remixie Frgt/10 Linkin Park)

Big Daddy Kane w Ain't No Half Steppin

O.C. w Special

Lupe Fiasco w Little Weapon

zwrotki Booty Browna i Fat Lipa z Pharcyde'ów w Ya Mama!!!!!

i jeszcze kilka...

Temat: Twoja płytoteka
" />Big Pun - I'm Not A Player/Wishful Thinking/You Ain't A Killer 12"
Mobb Deep - The Infamous 2 LP
Massive Tone - Traumreise / Mutterstadt II
Rasco : Thin Line/Gunz still hot 12"
50 Cent - candy Shop 12"
Nappy Roots feat. Jazze Pha - Awnaw 12"
Mayer Hawthorne 12"
Fabolous feat Tamia - Into You 12"
Three 6 Mafia - Stay Fly 12"

Soundkail "Racaille sound system CD
Peja- Slums Attack -na legalu CD
Paktofonika- kinematografia CD

Temat: Audycja " Under The Radar " rap z lat ´89 -´9
" />Under the Radar 30.03.2006

2 Ruff - I Wanna Get Live
Barry Blue - Cancel 'Em All Out
2 Ruff - Around the Way
Homeliss Derelix - Fevea
EZD ft. Teflon & Billy Danz - Gunz Is 4
Dead Poets Society aka Yeasha Da Poed - Don't Quit
Rahsheed - Keep Kickin' That
The Korp ft. Cestyle - Never Ending Story
Da Fat Cat Clique - Gettin' Over
Creative ft. Hi Tech & Promoe - Continuously
O.C. - Step Into The O-Zone (demo)
Greg Nice ft. Rich Nice & Hat Doug - Coming Thru With The Click
Def Jef - Cali's All That
Lord Digga - My Flow Is Tight
Maestro Fresh Wes - V.I.P.'s Only
Down To Erf - Learn to Earn
Def Jef - Fasho Shot
Illegal Bastardz - Wild Out
Powerule - From Dawn To Dusk
Natural Resource - They Lied
Royal Flush - World Wide
Maestro Fresh Wes - Conductin' Thangs
Show & A.G. - You Know Now (Buckwild Remix)
The Eye - Our Love Universal

Temat: Banicja niewiernych.
" />
">Hello GunZ users,

As many of you know, you can use ^0-9 to change the color of your text. There is also a way, using a hack, to input these color codes into your name. On November 25th, 2008 we will be banning all accounts that contain a character with "^" in their name. This is a hack, and will continue to be treated as such.

If you have such a character, I would strongly recommend either deleting the character or purchase a character name change scroll and change it if you wish to keep your account.

All Accounts containing characters with a colored name (^#) will be banned on 11/25/2008. No Exceptions. Thank you for your understanding.

~ źródło -

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